The modern Johnson’s company of Foote is one of 10 companies that make up the King’s Lifeguard Regiment. We are based in the N Lincolnshire region and we draw recruits from all over the East Midlands and Yorkshire. Our roots reflect those of the original regiment, that was formed from the estates of Lincolnshire landowners plus a contingent of 'Derbyshire mineworkers'.

Our activities are based on the commitments of King’s Regiment and we cover the whole country to participate in events.

The campaigning season really kicks off in March and lasts through until September with the regiment committing itself to about a dozen events. As a member of our company you are not expected to attend all events, you can choose from the list that is released at the beginning of the year. Some of our members attend only a couple of events whilst others go to every one, the choice is yours.


The options for you to participate are wide and varied and are suited entirely to what you feel comfortable with.

We have the usual roles to fill such as Musketeers, Pikemen, Artillerymen and Civilian re enactors. Don’t worry about the rest of the family, they are most welcome to come along under a family membership and just enjoy the friendly camp atmosphere and do the local sightseeing.




Under a family membership there isn’t a lower age limit for you to come along and dress in period costume. However if you want to participate in one of the fighting units, you must be 16 or over.






2010 Membership fees are as follows:

  • Family £49.00
  • Individual £32.00
  • Young Person £26.50
    All above include a £4.00 first year Enrolment Fee

You can also come along for taster weekend. Just pay ten pounds and come along and enjoy the fun. If you like it we will deduct the ten pounds from your membership.

In addition to this there is the cost of your equipment. The company will provide you with equipment for your first couple of events, however eventually you will be expected to provide your own clothing. Uniform plus a helmet {for pikemen} costs about £150. If you want a breastplate add about another hundred and if your really serious a new musket can set you back about £200-£300. This is the brand new price, you can make your own or even buy secondhand. Dont worry the company will put you in touch with the best uniform suppliers.

Go to our contacts page and sign up!!!!!







picture of musketeer