The Civil War Pikeman


The Pikeman during the Civil War was the hard hitting element within any army of this period. Armed with a 16-18 foot pike they fought in close formations known as blocks. They would engade the enemy at close quaters where their weight in numbers would hopefully overwhelm them. Should this 'push of pike fail' then they would draw their swords and try to slash their way through the ranks.{well that was the idea anyway}

The Sealed Knot Pikeman

Today's Pikeman in the Sealed Knot is perhaps the most physically demanding of all the roles within our society. Through expert training you will be involved in a 'Push of Pike' involving about 20 pikemen from each side. The aim being to literally push your opponent into submission. These engagements are well marshalled by our officers and very few if any serious injuries are received. Many a time the shout of "man down " will echo through the block, this being the signal to disengage.

It is these engagements that you will hear being re told through countless bouts of statutory heavy drinking. Ask anyone and the finest pint of ale you'll drink is the first one after a hard day in a pike block..